April 17, 2023
Top 5 Things to Do in Cranston, RI on the Weekend

Spending the weekend in Rhode Island can be a fun and exciting experience. Whether you are visiting for the first time or a long-time resident, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Take a day trip to Newport, where you can explore the famous mansions, shops, and beaches. Or visit Providence to experience some of […]

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November 24, 2022
How to Clean Stamped Concrete [Your Guide for Maintenance]

Homeowners might wonder how to clean stamped concrete around their property. This is a vital question, as even durable concrete needs regular cleaning. Additionally, improper cleaning can risk damage, including cracks and spalling. On the other hand, needed cleaning with the right tools and techniques restores stamped concrete’s color and appearance. Your outdoor area might […]

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September 20, 2022
Tips for Hiring a Top-Notch Stamped Concrete Contractor in RI

Hiring the right stamped concrete contractor in Rhode Island makes all the difference in the finished project. An inexperienced contractor might overlook important details when it comes to stamping and then staining or tinting poured concrete. Consequently, you might end up with a disappointing outdoor space, or even one that’s downright unsightly. Since finding the […]

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June 30, 2022
Maintenance Required for Stamped Concrete (Homeowners' Guide)

Are you a homeowner asking, is stamped concrete hard to maintain? If so, the good news is that stamped concrete offers a durable surface that doesn’t need much maintenance. Also, stamped and stained concrete mimics high-end stone or brick but without the same expensive price tag. There are many more reasons to consider stamped concrete […]

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May 18, 2022
Is a Stamped Concrete Patio Cheaper Than Pavers in RI?

Are you considering a stamped concrete patio in Rhode Island? Stamped and stained concrete offers a stunning exterior space for any property. Additionally, a contractor can stamp concrete into a variety of appearances, resembling brick, stone, wood, and pavers. Also, staining allows for greater control of surface colors and tones. However, homeowners might wonder which […]

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February 16, 2022
What are the Best Stamped Concrete Patterns for Your Style?

Stamped concrete, sometimes called imprinted or textured concrete, replicates stones together with slate and flagstone, tile, brick, and even wooden. The extensive styles and color choices make it popular for beautifying patios, pool decks, driveways, and greater. Let's explore the various stamped concrete patterns you can choose from. Various Stamped Concrete Patterns for Your Home […]

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