Maintenance Required for Stamped Concrete (Homeowners' Guide)

June 30, 2022

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Are you a homeowner asking, is stamped concrete hard to maintain? If so, the good news is that stamped concrete offers a durable surface that doesn’t need much maintenance. Also, stamped and stained concrete mimics high-end stone or brick but without the same expensive price tag.

There are many more reasons to consider stamped concrete for your property. If you’re still not convinced, check out some added information about this stunning material. You can then discuss your options with a concrete installer near you as needed.

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What Is Stamped Concrete?

To better understand the maintenance needed for stamped concrete, it helps to better understand this material. Stamped and stained concrete starts with a standard concrete installation. Next, a contractor presses a specialty mold onto its surface. Then, the contractor adds specialty stains, tints, and other coloring.

That mold creates the look and texture of stone, brick, clay pavers, and even wood along the surface of the concrete. Also, those specialty stains mimic the coloring of your chosen material. In turn, your stamped concrete looks and even feels just like brick, clay pavers, flagstone, wood, and similar materials.

However, note that poured concrete is typically much cheaper than these other options. Moreover, a contractor can pour concrete around landscaping features and other obstructions easily. For these reasons and more, homeowners often choose stamped concrete for patios, pool decks, walkways, and even driveways.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

Stamped concrete doesn’t typically need any more maintenance than standard concrete. First, consider regular power washing, to remove damaging debris. Second, regular sealant helps protect concrete from damage. Above all, it’s vital that you schedule a prompt crack repair, to keep the damage from getting worse.

Why does concrete need regular power washing?

Note that naturally porous concrete tends to absorb sand, silt, grit, airborne chemicals, and other debris. This debris often risks damage, even breaking down concrete and risking premature cracking. In turn, regular power washing removes that debris, reducing the risk of damage.

Does concrete need regular sealant?

Sealant offers an added layer of protection for concrete, blocking that damaging debris mentioned above. Also, the sealant protects concrete against harsh weather while keeping stain colors looking like new. Sealing can also block weed growth between concrete sections. Consequently, it’s vital that you invest in regular sealant for your stamped concrete installation.

Does stamped concrete need crack repair?

Stamped surfaces often hide minor damage to concrete, including tiny cracks and chips. However, homeowners should never put off stamped concrete crack repair! The longer you ignore those cracks, the more risk that they’ll expand and grow. Also, cracks let in moisture which often means even more damage!

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Is Stamped Concrete Hard to Keep Clean?

Property owners can hose down and brush stamped and stained concrete. Also, you might add some mild cleanser to a garden hose attachment, for added cleaning. Additionally, consider a bagged lawnmower, to keep clippings off the concrete.

Above all, try to avoid getting motor oil and other corrosive fluids on your stamped concrete. These fluids can often break down concrete, risking cracks and other damage. They also leave behind unsightly stains! If you must work on your car or lawnmower on your stamped concrete, put some cardboard underneath it. Wash it down quickly as well, to remove residual chemicals.

Stamped Concrete and Cracking

Stamped concrete doesn’t necessarily crack any more easily than standard concrete. One reason for this is that those stamps don’t go all the way to the ground! Two, a contractor can pour concrete for stamping as thick as needed for adequate strength and durability.

However, note that any concrete surface risks cracks and damage the more wear it suffers. In turn, you don’t want to run heavy objects over stamped concrete not thick enough to withstand that weight. For example, don’t assume you can park a vehicle on your stamped concrete patio!

Also, note that airborne soot, pool chlorine, and other chemicals risk damaging concrete prematurely. In turn, homeowners should ensure that they clean pool decks, patios, and walkways regularly. The more exposure to damaging debris, the more often you should clean and seal that concrete.

Does Colored Stamped Concrete Fade?

As with any other colored or tinted material, stamped concrete does fade over time. In most cases, you might need to touch up the color after about 10 years. Applying sealant is an excellent choice for both preserving and restoring color! Sealants keep concrete from fading while also adding some shine to stamped concrete.

While 10 years might not seem like a long lifespan for stamped concrete colors, note that manufacturers improve their products constantly! Many years ago, stamped concrete might last only 5 years or so before needing repair or replacing. However, today’s concrete typically lasts twice as long, if not even longer.

How Long Does Stamped Concrete Last?

Stamped concrete usually lasts as long as standard concrete, typically between 10 and 25 years. As with concrete driveways and other surfaces, its longevity depends on its thickness. Also, it’s vital that you maintain that concrete properly over the years, as said. Avoid scraping it with sharp objects like snow blower blades, and keep it clean!

Additionally, don’t put added wear and tear on stamped and stained concrete, as said. Note that tree sap and bird droppings are also corrosive. In turn, you might trim back tree branches from over your patio or pool deck.

Above all, hire a professional for needed power washing! Using too much pressure or the wrong cleansers can damage stamped concrete. It can also create more splatter and mess than necessary! A professional power washing contractor ensures a safe, thorough cleaning of your concrete materials.

Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services is happy to help answer the question, is stamped concrete hard to maintain? Hopefully, you found this article informative. If you’re ready to add stunning style to your property, call our Rhode Island stamped concrete installation contractors. We offer FREE consultations and carry a wide range of stamped concrete styles and colors. For more information or to get your property started, just give us a call today.


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