How to Clean Stamped Concrete [Your Guide for Maintenance]

November 24, 2022

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Homeowners might wonder how to clean stamped concrete around their property. This is a vital question, as even durable concrete needs regular cleaning. Additionally, improper cleaning can risk damage, including cracks and spalling.

On the other hand, needed cleaning with the right tools and techniques restores stamped concrete’s color and appearance. Your outdoor area might look like new after a simple cleaning project! For best results, check out how to clean stamped concrete like a pro. Also, call a pressure washing or stamped concrete contractor for added information if needed.

How to Clean Stamped Concrete Safely and Effectively

When cleaning stamped concrete, remember to err on the side of caution when it comes to pressure wands and brushes. In other words, start with the softest bristles and lowest pressure. Also, do the same for outdoor surface detergents. Homemade mixtures often provide sufficient cleaning, while harsh soaps can dry out concrete.

  • First, sweep the area thoroughly using an outdoor broom.
  • Second, attach a spray nozzle to your garden hose and spray down the area as much as possible.
  • Next, use a squirt of liquid dish soap in a gallon of water and apply it with an outdoor scrub brush.
  • Rinse this soapy mixture and then repeat the process as needed. Also, scrub in different directions as you work to remove thick dirt. To kill mold, mildew, and other growth, use a diluted bleach and water mixture. Ensure you rinse thoroughly so residual bleach doesn’t dry out that concrete. Do not use bleach if you have colored stamped concrete.

If you're unsure about cleaning your stamped concrete surfaces safely, be sure to reach out to a stamped concrete contractor to ask questions about the process.

sealing stamped concrete patterns

Is Stamped Concrete Hard to Keep Clean?

Stamped concrete isn’t necessarily difficult to keep clean. However, note that concrete surfaces trap and hold dirt and other debris, especially when you neglect regular cleaning. In turn, it’s vital that you at least rinse those concrete surfaces with a garden hose and pressurized nozzle regularly.

Also, note that oil and other automotive fluids tend to leave stains on concrete. Consequently, put down cardboard if you’ll be doing car repairs on that concrete. Do the same if a car parked there tends to leak any fluids regularly.

Additionally, grass clipping often stain concrete surfaces. With that in mind, consider investing in a bagged lawnmower. At the very least, sweep that driveway or use a leaf blower to remove clippings after mowing.

A good option to prevent everyday stains is through sealing the concrete.

Should You Power Wash Stamped Concrete?

Power washing itself is not necessarily dangerous to concrete. However, using too much pressure or overly harsh detergents can break down concrete binders. Excessive pressure can also make minor cracks and chips even larger!

In turn, avoid renting pressure washing equipment and tackling this project on your own. Instead, speak to a power washing professional who specializes in concrete cleaning. They might offer soft wash cleaning, which doesn’t use high-pressure washing equipment.

Also, a power washing contractor can often seal concrete surfaces after cleaning. This process helps protect the material from damage and keeps it looking its best. As a result, those surfaces will look like new if you rely on professional services for needed cleaning.

Making Stamped Concrete Look New

If your stamped and stained concrete is looking a little dull, start with a thorough sweep and rinse with a garden hose. Try to concrete on deeply pitted areas to get out as much dirt and dust as possible. Next, use a soap and water mixture as mentioned above, for a more thorough clean.

If your concrete surfaces still don’t look their best, use a sealer over the material. Sealers not only provide added protection but also enhance concrete colors. Tinted sealers also create a fresh look for your concrete.  Along with a thorough cleaning, sealing might be all that’s needed to bring your concrete surfaces back to life.

Can You Re-stain Stamped Concrete?

Stain mixes with fresh concrete to create the final look. In turn, a concrete installer typically cannot add new stain over concrete the way you would paint. However, some concrete installers might acid wash or grind the current concrete.

These processes expose the concrete under the surface and help remove the existing color. Consequently, they can then add new stain or coloring to the concrete. Also, some installers might pour a new layer of concrete over the old, if possible. Next, they can stamp and stain the new concrete, for an updated look.

Longevity of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete typically lasts as long as standard concrete. Its durability and longevity depend on its thickness, installation quality, and if you maintain it over the years. For example, regular cleaning and sealing protect concrete against premature breakdown. Also, avoid parking overly heavy vehicles on your concrete or scraping it with sharp snowplow blades and other objects!

Additionally, ensure your property is graded properly and has needed drainage. Moisture under concrete risks softening, cracks, spalling, and other damage. If you invest in quality installation and these needed maintenance tasks, your stamped concrete can last 25 years or even longer.

Is Stamped Concrete Worth the Cost?

Only you can decide if stamped concrete is worth the cost of your property. However, note that stamped and stained decorative concrete allows you to enjoy the look of stone, brick, and pavers but without the same price tag. Also, concrete provides a strong surface underfoot. Concrete isn’t as likely to crack and split as pavers and brick!

Stamping and staining concrete also allows you to control its final appearance. Installers can also work that concrete around obstacles or create a curved edge for a stunning look.

Additionally, stamped concrete is naturally bumpy, providing more traction and a safer surface around pools. In turn, many property owners find stamped concrete to be an excellent investment for their property.

Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services is happy to help explain how to clean stamped concrete. Hopefully, you found this information informative and useful. If you’re in the state and want to add style to your space, call our Rhode Island stamped concrete installers. We offer FREE price quotes and guarantee every installation for quality. To find out more or to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation, call us right now.

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