Is a Stamped Concrete Patio Cheaper Than Pavers in RI?

May 18, 2022

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Are you considering a stamped concrete patio in Rhode Island? Stamped and stained concrete offers a stunning exterior space for any property. Additionally, a contractor can stamp concrete into a variety of appearances, resembling brick, stone, wood, and pavers. Also, staining allows for greater control of surface colors and tones.

However, homeowners might wonder which is cheaper, concrete or pavers. Above all, many homeowners wonder if stamped concrete offers needed durability over time! Since these are all excellent subjects to consider, check out some vital information about Rhode Island stamped concrete. You can then discuss your property’s needs with a concrete installer near you.

A stamped concrete patio on a Rhode Island property

Which Is Cheaper, Pavers or a Stamped Concrete Patio in Rhode Island?

Generally speaking, a stamped concrete patio in RI is cheaper than pavers, both for installation and long-term maintenance. One reason for this is that a contractor needs to install pavers individually, which is very time consuming. Two, tamping down pavers to ensure a straight, level line is also very labor intensive, adding to your costs.

Also, note that pavers themselves are often more expensive than concrete materials. Consider that manufacturers make pavers in a production facility and then ship them to distributors or contractors. On the other hand, a contractor mixes and pours concrete onsite, eliminating the need for a production facility. Additionally, transportation costs are usually less for a load of concrete than a truckful of pavers!

Above all, pavers typically need added upkeep and maintenance, more so than concrete. Contractors often recommend regular paving sealing, and you might battle weed growth between pavers. Also, individual pavers tend to crack more readily than concrete sections. In turn, you’ll probably replace more pavers than concrete slabs over time.

Which Is Better, Stamped Concrete or Patio Pavers?

Installation and maintenance costs are vital considerations when deciding between stamped concrete and pavers. However, costs are not the only factor to keep in mind when making that choice! Check out some added reasons why many homeowners choose stamped and stained concrete over other outdoor materials:

  • Since concrete is typically cheaper than pavers, you can enjoy a larger patio than you might have expected! Also, you might have your installer create walkways, a new driveway, and other surfaces to match.
  • It’s typically easier to pour concrete around landscaping features and other obstructions, or in curved designs. In turn, you can enjoy a circular patio space, curved walkways, and other details more readily with concrete than pavers.
  • Staining offers more control and variety for surface colors and tones than pavers. You can then match your new patio, pool deck, or other surface to exterior walls, fences, and other outdoor features.
  • Since it’s easier to fabricate concrete than pavers, your installer can usually create curbs and edging to match your patio. These offer stunning contrast between your lawn or landscaping and exterior surfaces.
  • While you might appreciate the appearance of pavers, remember that a contractor can stamp concrete into a variety of textures. Consequently, you can create a wood look for a patio and coordinating stone for walkways, and so on.

Stamped concrete patio surfaces in RI

Stamped Concrete Patio: A Good Investment for Your Property

If you’re still not sure about a stamped concrete patio, note why this is an excellent investment for your property. First, outdoor spaces add to your overall living and entertaining area. Second, having a place to sit can make it more comfortable to keep an eye on children while they’re playing.

Also, note that an outdoor patio means a separate area for family members. If you or someone else works from home, you might especially appreciate some privacy or separation. With proper protection over that stamped concrete, a patio can also double as a work area or studio. You can do crafts, paint, or otherwise enjoy activities difficult to manage inside your home!

In many cases, outdoor spaces also increase property values. In turn, you can build equity in your home faster when you invest in a new patio space. You can also build that equity while enjoying your new patio, pool deck, or other stunning feature outside your home!

Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services is happy to bring this information about stamped concrete patios in Rhode Island to our readers. Hopefully you found it helpful and informative! If you’re ready for a stunning space on your property, call our stamped concrete contractors. We carry a wide range of design options, sure to fit your needs and budget. Additionally, we start every project with a FREE quote. For more information or to get your property started with a stunning stamped concrete installation, call us today.


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