Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Patterns & Designs

Customizable Patterns & Designs for Concrete Stamped Spaces in Rhode Island

Concrete stamping allows you to personalize your home. 

When most people think of concrete, they picture lightly colored, dull-looking slabs. In its natural state, that is exactly what concrete looks like. Our stamped concrete company is in the business of taking your concrete from zero to hero through stamping. We offer numerous patterns and designs that enhance the look and feel of patios, pool decks, and driveways.

Have you ever wondered what your walkway would look like if it were made of wood? Before you cut down any trees, we want you to know that we can turn your concrete into a wood replica! Our contractors can turn your concrete into any texture or color that you desire.

If you're ready to get started on renovating your concrete surfaces with professional stamping, we ask that you call us now to get your FREE consultation and estimate underway!

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Browse Our Luxurious Rhode Island Concrete Stamping Designs & Patterns

Beautiful Wood Stamped Concrete in Rhode Island

Who would ever imagine that concrete can be transformed to resemble wood? It's truly a miracle if you think about it. Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services can take your patio, walkway, and concrete flooring and make it resemble knotty pine, cedar, or any other wood pattern of your choice. We specialize in the wood looks of:

  • Classic
  • Cedar
  • Weathered plank
  • Block wood

If you're tired of seeing boring concrete on your patio or pool deck and wish it would be wood, stop wishing and call us to remodel your space using professional concrete stamping. We're here to make your design dreams come true.

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Concrete Stamped Slate Take Rhode Island Patios to the Next Level!

Let's face it. Slate is a very expensive rock that is insanely heavy and difficult to install. When a homeowner goes with slate as a patio or flooring option, they are literally going to pay through the nose, not to mention all the construction efforts that accompany a slate installation.

Rhode Island Stamped Concrete services can give you the slate look you've always wanted without the budget-breaking high cost and hassle.

Not only does slate stamping look great on your patio, but it can transform the floors of your kitchen, bathroom, and even your walls! If you'd like to know more about concrete slate stamping, please visit our featured image gallery where you can see before and after photos.

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Rhode Island Homeowners LOVE Brick Stamped Concrete!

Brick is a gorgeous, classic material that has been used for centuries in the construction of buildings, walls, walkways, and sidewalks. However, bricks tend to break down over time, and they are insanely labor-intensive to install and take a great deal of time.

Even the manufacturing of brick is quite an extensive process! So, why not skip all of this hassle and use concrete stamping to create brick replicas? Stamping can be used to give texture to your patio, pool deck, and many other concrete surfaces.

You'll be amazed by what our design team can do when it comes to giving you the brick look you've always wanted.

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flagstone concrete stamping in rhode island

Flagstone isn't Reserved for Just the Rich & Famous

Like slate, flagstone is one of the most costly (if not THE most) construction material available. Many elaborate homes and office buildings have this precious stone lining their walkways, driveways, and indoor floors.

If you've ever wanted a flagstone pool deck but don't have the budget to make it happen, you can start to turn your frown upside down! Our Rhode Island contractors can transform concrete into flagstone via the stamping process.

Nobody will ever be able to tell the difference. We also offer color and pattern options so you can personalize the look of your flagstone design. Are you ready to secure a FREE consultation and estimate with our team? Call us now!

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Welcome the Look of Natural Stone Into Your Rhode Island Backyard

Just like stones themselves, concrete stone stamping comes in many varieties. You have the ability to have your concrete constructed into any pattern, design, or color of stone that you desire. Maybe you want a marble look for your indoor flooring or a textured stone design around your pool.

The possibilities are endless! Did you know that we can create a stone driveway in one color and add a border that features a completely different color and pattern?

We really enjoy concrete stone stamping because it looks great and is so very customizable. Ask us about our sealing process and how we can preserve the quality and integrity of your new concrete-stamped stone outdoor spaces.

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finished concrete stamped pavers rhode island

We Offer Rhode Island Homeowners Perfect Concrete Stamped Paver Options

Pavers are definitely easy on the eyes and add value to your home. Unfortunately, they can be hard to install and cost a pretty penny per square foot. We have a solution that works for many homeowners, and it's called concrete paver stamping. We'll take your dull, drab concrete slabs and stamp them into an exact replica of pavers.

Not even the most seasoned contractor will be able to tell that your pavers are faux. Did you know that you can choose from many different colors and textured designs?

We want you to have the look and feel that you've envisioned in your head. If you think concrete stamped pavers are in your future, please reach out to our team today for a FREE estimate and no-strings-attached consultation.

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We never dreamed that our patio could look as incredible as it does now that Rhode Island Stamped Concrete has completed their fine work. They went above and beyond what we imagined, and we can't get enough of our new space! You have to hire these guys if you want the best.
- Dan & Rhonda P.

Are You in Our Neck of the Woods? 

We are excited to announce that our company has expanded its Rhode Island service areas to be in a neighborhood near you! If you want to know more about concrete stamping and live in or around Providence, Cranston, Warwick, Pawtucket, East Providence, Woonsocket, Cumberland, Coventry, Newport, and Johnston, please, call us now! We offer fair and affordable pricing that complements just about every budget.

Our Decorative Solutions Are Concrete.

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